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July - My Soul

Album Name : Time
Album Released Date : 2007. 04.25

- Track List -

01. My Soul
02. 이별#
03. 내 삶의 기억
04. 사랑으로
05. 노래소리
06. 비련애가 (비원 Part 2)
07. 기억
08. 혼신
09. P.S Luv
10. Time (시간속의 길을 걷다)

I am a Korean composer named July.
I wrote this music and I am a copyright holder.
This music has already been released as an album in Korea and is registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association.

Composer : July
Copyright holder : July


직접 피아노로 연주하는 My Soul (Gossam)

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